Welcome to the Students Webpage of the LSRPA!

The LSRPA encourages students interested in careers in the environmental field to join the LSRPA and become a member of our organization for free.  Being part of the LSRPA allows students to apply for scholarships, post their resume on our on-line portal,  and volunteer for committees (a great way to learn the nuts and bolts of the organization).

First step is to join the Association - LSRPA student membership is free, and is required for scholarship eligibility and to post your resume. Click Student member. Membership entitles you to attend networking events (if you want) where you can meet environmental professionals from a range of companies and organizations. Membership also makes available a range of other services to help you succeed in your future career. Click here for the application.  Click “new member”, enter your email address, and complete the LSRPA membership application.

Second step - If you would like to:


*LSRPA Student Member Webinars*:

How to Find a Job as an Environmental Consultant
Download the presentation slides here
April 18, 2017

The Field of Environmental Consulting
Download the presentation slides here
April 25, 2017

Each webinar will last approximately 45 minutes, followed by a question and answer period. We hope that these webinars will assist you in finding a rewarding career in the field of environmental consulting.  Feel free to contact Ben Alter at [email protected] or Erin Palko at [email protected] if you have any ideas for future events or webinars that would be useful to you. 

Thank you for visiting the LSRPA website and good luck with your career!