What is the New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association (LSRPA)?

The LSRPA is recognized as the primary industry advocacy group for remediation practitioners in New Jersey. We are a non-profit entity incorporated in the State of New Jersey in March 2009. The Association is a 501(c)6 trade organization under federal IRS regulations. LSRPA members have been and remain leading contributors to the legislative and regulatory stakeholder processes using our technical expertise as practitioners and are involved in a variety of areas including commenting on draft rules developed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), expanding the breadth of guidance documents prepared in conjunction with the NJDEP and continuing to advance the concept of the use of professional judgment by practitioners.  LSRPA interacts regularly with NJDEP multiple formats to achieve our mutual goal of the protection of public health and safety and of the environment in as practicable a manner as possible.

Our Mission

The mission of the New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professional Association, Inc. (LSRPA) is to further the Licensed Site Remediation Profession.  This includes acting as an educational and technical resource and assisting its membership to use standards of care and informed professional judgment when performing the work of a LSRP in protecting public health and safety and the environment.

Benefits of Membership

The LSRPA has over 1,000 members. Membership in LSRPA extends beyond LSRPs to contractors, attorneys, students and aspiring professionals. Our members enjoy:

  • Legislation Reform: assists in the crafting of legislation (SRRA; SRRA 2.0);NJDEP Technical Coordination: co-develops technical guidance with Department staff;
  • Sounding Board:  an informal/confidential offering available to all members - an 8-person team of colleagues who are subject-matter experts assembled to answer any questions that members have;
  • NJDEP Regulatory Coordination: meets routinely with senior Contaminated Site Remediation & Redevelopment Program (CSRRP) and other key Department personnel to identify program successes and shortcomings, and recommends corrective action;
  • Continuing Education: develops and presents the best technical and administrative training tailored to the practice and offers a significant price discount to LSRPA members;
  • Scholarships: fundraised through events that are fun and meaningfully social. Offers undergraduate and graduate student scholarships through its affiliated Foundation;
  • E Blasts: One of the best tools in the toolbox! LSRPA provides a broad range of peer-driven tools that afford practitioners with best-in-class support for their day-to-day work;
  • Colleagues: LSRPA provides networking events and meetings to enhance your profession and careers, as well as coordination with BCONE, SWEP and other aligned organizations;
  • Communications: identifies, authors, and edits articles and social media posts describing the news of the contaminated site remediation and redevelopment industry as well as regulatory and technical developments of interest to professionals in New Jersey;
  • New Jersey Site Remediation Conference: provides the only conference dedicated to contaminated site remediation and redevelopment in the tri-state area.  LSRPA members enjoy a significant price discount;
  • College Outreach, Aspiring Professionals, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: assures that our profession grows and is diverse and inclusive; and
  • Risk Management & Loss Prevention and Emerging Contaminants of Concern: keeps practitioners up-to-date on risk and loss concerns and emerging contaminants.

If you have not already joined us, now is the time. Click here for registration information.

Please check with your tax advisor regarding the tax status of dues paid to the organization.