Board of Trustees & Staff
Board of Trustees First Name Last Name E-mail address
President Rodger Ferguson [email protected]
Vice President, External Affairs Caryn Barnes [email protected]
Vice President, Internal Affairs Scott Drew [email protected]
Treasurer Mark Pietrucha [email protected]
Secretary David Morris [email protected]
Board Member William Call [email protected]
Board Member Steven Senior [email protected]
Board Member David Hoffman [email protected]
Board Member Erin Palko [email protected] 
Board Member C. Dudley Warner [email protected]
Board Member Joseph Postorino [email protected]
Board Member John Scagnelli [email protected]
Board Member Andrew B. Robins [email protected]
Former Board President Nicholas DeRose [email protected]
Former Board President Kenneth Goldstein [email protected]
Former Board President Stephen Posten [email protected]
Former Board President Mark Fisher [email protected]
Former Board
John Oberer [email protected]
Professional Staff  
Executive Director Susan Boyle [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Linda Watson [email protected]