LSRPA Foundation

The LSRPA has established the Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association Foundation, Inc. (LSRPA Foundation) to facilitate charitable giving. The LSRPA Foundation awards Elmeryl Davies Memorial Education Scholarships to students pursuing careers in the environmental sciences and engineering and in 2020 hopes to begin providing grants to non-profit organizations or programs whose goals reflect the highest priority for LSRPs, the protection of public health and safety, and the environment.   Since its creation, the LSRPA Foundation has awarded tens of thousands of scholarship dollars to deserving students from New Jersey. For more information regarding the LSRPA Foundation and its charitable work please contact the LSRPA via the “Contact the LSRPA” tab on the website.

LSRPA Foundation Board of Trustees

  • William Call, President
  • Rebecca Hollender, Treasurer
  • Craig McCarrick, Secretary
  • Ben Alter, At-Large Trustee
  • Ken Goldstein, At-Large Trustee
  • Joe Postorino, At-Large Trustee

Students can apply for a scholarship by clicking here.



The LSRPA Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization (a 501(c)3 charitable organization) under federal IRS regulations. The Foundation's By-Laws can be accessed here.