Sounding Board Committee

Mission Summary

The Sounding Board committee provides LSRPA members with a sounding board for questions or concerns that do not have a clear-cut solution found in regulation or guidance. The committee will also offer peer-to-peer discussion with members that are approaching a new subject or territory that they are not familiar with.  The committee consultation will be based on the experiences of the committee members in similar situations, generally delivered within a short time-frame, and will be verbal and non-binding. The goal is to provide members with a benefit derived from multiple viewpoints that is not currently available to the LSRP community.

LSRPA Sounding Board - Associate Member Program

Goal:  To introduce and mentor new LSRPs to the LSRPA Sounding Board, to observe and learn from experienced professionals who are engaged in remediation in New Jersey, as they navigate a variety of inquiries on technical, administrative, regulatory and/or legal aspects of Site Remediation that do not always fit into typical site remediation situations.


  • Applicant must be a member of the LSRPA.
  • If the candidate is an LSRP, then the candidate must have between three (3) and six (6) years of experience as an LSRP, with a minimum of one (1) license renewal and not more than two (2) license renewals.
  • If the candidate is not an LSRP, then the candidate must demonstrate a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in addressing remediation related issues in New Jersey.

Term:  12 months, from the period of their acceptance onto the Sounding Board.  The term is not renewable –The period of time will be known as “Associate Membership to the Sounding Board.” 

Stipulations and Obligations:

  • The Sounding Board will issue a request for applications via the LSRPA website, with the requirements for the position documented on the request.  
  • The candidate must undergo an interview with, at a minimum, the Chair and Vice Chair of the Sounding Board and be approved by the Chair and Vice Chair to be included in the Sounding Board.
  • The Associate Member is not a full member of the Sounding Board.  They are not required to vote or opine on a submittal.  They will not contact a submitter.  They may query the other members of the Sounding Board regarding the submittal and/or how the Sounding Board made a specific recommendation.  
  • The Associate Member must be willing, if assigned, to research appropriate information for Sounding Board committee members to utilize for responses to submissions.
  • The Associate Member must agree to the stipulations of the Sounding Board, including confidentiality of submissions and information about submitters.
  • Any questions/comments from the Associate Member must be directed to the Chair/Vice Chair for additional discussion.