LSRPA Welcomes New Executive Director Janice Brogle

Janice Brogle, a NJDEP veteran who helped develop rules for the Site Remediation Reform Act, the LSRP program and the initial LSRP licensing board, joined the LSRPA staff on March 20, 2023. She will become the executive director starting May 1, 2023, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the association and its insight into the State site remediation program.

With the LSRPA, Brogle will oversee the Association’s response to NJDEP policy and the training offered to its 839 members. LSRPs, since their creation in 2009, have successfully navigated nearly 20,000 remediation projects through New Jersey’s site remediation program and its environmental guidance documents and regulation.

During her NJDEP career, Brogle shaped environmental policies and priorities. Starting as an environmental engineer in 1984, Brogle recently retired as the NJDEP Director of the Division of Water Quality. She oversaw the 200 men and women implementing the state’s pollutant discharge elimination system and the Water Bank infrastructure funding program there.

Brogle will be the second executive director for the LSRPA, taking over for Sue Boyle when she retires at the end of April. During the interim, Boyle and Brogle will work side-by-side on the transition.