June 13, 2018 Site Remediation Advisory Group Meeting Quick Notes
By Rick Shoyer, Advanced GeoServices
LSRPA member Rick Shoyer provided us with the quick notes of the June SRAG meeting; he prepares them for BCONE, a partnering organization with LSRPA.  The June SRAG information is posted on the NJDEP website if you want more details. LSRPA has put together a general PowerPoint for use by our members if you have any upcoming speaking engagements: perhaps to a civic group, your municipality, your child’s school, etc.  Included in the PowerPoint are figures documenting the success of the LSRP program using NJDEP generated data.  Contact [email protected] if you want a copy.
  • License renewal needs to be done online.
  • Guidance Documents to be updated this year:
    • Ecological evaluation
    • MNA
    • Off-site source
    • Soil SI/RI/RA
  • Soil reuse was discussed:
    • Not a solid waste if it meets residential/non-residential standards (IGW was excluded from this).
    • If it does not, the LSRP can approve without a BUD.
    • Class B recycling is an exclusion.
  • Dataminer presentation focused on the LSRP comprehensive report:
    • DEP wants to everyone to know that every report submitted by an LSRP is deemed “complete.”
    • Complete does not equal “approved” by DEP because for the most part DEP does not approve LSRP documents.
    • Only certain number of the reports need to be reviewed.
    • Activity sheet and detail sheets – due dates and completed dates are confusing. This will be changed in the future.
    • Stats on RAO’s: 11,000 submitted, 12 revoked, less than 3% withdrawn.
  • HDSRF legislation changes reduced funding for private companies, somewaht for municipalities, and did not affect non-profits.
  • SRRA 2.0 stakeholder meeting at NJDEP on July 16th, by invitation only.  (FYI, of course LSRPA is invited).
  • Licensing Board put out a 12 page Site Remediation Reform Act Issues, Recommendations and Language Amendments document; you can find it on their website.