LSRPA Names New Board Members for 2023
Monday, February 27, 2023 09:07 AM

The LSRPA members during a virtual session on February 16, 2023, selected six LSRPs to join the 13-member Board of Trustees for 2023. Re-elected to the board were LSRPs Rebecca Hollender and Marlene Lindhardt. New LSRPA members to the board are Christopher Dailey, Brandi Gray, Alexander Saltzman and Sonya Ward.

The LSRPA president for 2023 will be Bill Call, who is vice president at PennJersey Environmental Consulting. David Morris, the LSRPA President for 2022, will remain on the board. Morris is vice president of NJ Environmental Services for Tectonic.

This is the third time in three years that the LSRPA meeting has been virtual. The annual Conference, as it was in 2022, will be held in person on June 1 and 2, 2023. About 100 LSRPA members registered for the annual meeting, and a significant number of proxy votes were also cast.

Seven Board of Trustees terms will expire on December 31, 2023. The LSRPA encourages all members who have actively participated in Association activities at the committee level to apply for a seat on the Board of Trustees.

The Association also recognized the contributions of four members of the Board of Trustees who completed their terms: Joseph Hochreiter, David Hoffman, Mark Pietrucha and Joseph Postorino.

LSRPA members approved a $660,000 budget for the 2023 fiscal year. The Association raises money through events, membership dues, seminar fees and sponsorships.

The LSRPA Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity, supports the LSRPA’s efforts to improve the environment and interest in the LSRP profession. The Foundation awarded nine scholarships this year to six undergraduates and three graduate students through the Elmeryl Davies Memorial Scholarship Award.

In 2023, the LSRPA Foundation will expand its scholarships to include freshman and sophomore year students at community colleges or other environmentally-focused trade or technical programs. The new scholarship is the Suzanne Macaoay Memorial Scholarship and is named after the late wife of former LSRPA President Rodger Ferguson.

In 2022, the Foundation also provided grants with the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions and the New Jersey Conservation Foundation to develop gardens in Glen Ridge, Lambertville and Teaneck, and plant trees in Trenton.

The LSRPA in 2022 welcomed Dave Sweeney as assistant director and named Beverly Entin as deputy assistant director. Former Assistant Director Bill Hose, who retired at the end of 2022, was recognized for his contributions to the LSRPA.