Teaneck Builds a Reading Garden
Thursday, February 16, 2023 09:43 AM

by Ben Alter

Using funds provided by the LSRPA Foundation, the Garden Club of Teaneck is constructing a “reading garden,” a quiet place where people can go to read.  The LSRPA Foundation is funding the project through its partnership with ANJEC, the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions.  The Garden Club of Teaneck was the recipient of one of the three $1,500 grants provided in 2022 to environmental commissions in the State of New Jersey.  Consistent with the mission of the LSRPA Foundation, the reading garden is being constructed on formerly contaminated property, in this case a former sewage treatment plant.

This past Fall, Garden Club of Teaneck volunteers diligently weeded and cleared out the space.  They laid out the planters and footpaths, and installed benches to be used for reading and contemplation.  The volunteers filled the planters with mulch, and otherwise prepared the garden for plantings in the Spring.  Until it is planting time, a three-foot tall “Reading Gnome” will be standing on guard over what will be the children’s section of the garden.

To learn more about the LSRPA Foundation and its efforts to improve New Jersey’s environment and support the next generation of environmental consultants, go to LSRPA.ORG and click on “About Us” then “Foundation”; to donate, click on the Big Green Button.  To learn more about ANJEC, go to ANJEC.ORG.