Building Collaborative Relations with LSRPA, BCONE and NJ Conference of Mayors
Wednesday, December 14, 2022 12:28 PM

By Dave Sweeney, LSRPA Asst. Exec. Dir. (2023+)


Attendees were Sue Boyle, Candace Baker, William Call, Dave Sweeney (LSRPA); Rick Shoyer (BCONE); Kerry Kirk Pflugh (NJ Conf of Mayors)


Sue began by introducing everyone and expressing the goal of building collaborative relations with LSRPA, BCONE and the NJ Conference of Mayors.


Kerry described her organization as focusing on mayors rather than the entire municipal government (like the League of Municipalities). She said they have a membership of 404 out of 564 mayors with a wide range of demographics (urban to rural). They conduct conferences, receptions, and exhibits, and are trying to rebound from COVID impacts.


Sue offered assistance with information and possible membership. William Call discussed the Sounding Board as a resource and offered speakers for events. BCONE offered help on redevelopment issues as well as participation in their PFAS December virtual sessions.


Candace Baker discussed the LSRPA efforts in STEM encouragement and if there was an opportunity for joint efforts. Kerry discussed that through her involvement with the NJ School of Conservation there could be some potential.