New Executive Leadership at the LSRPA
Wednesday, October 05, 2022 11:37 AM

The LSRPA is welcoming David Sweeney as Assistant Executive Director and Beverly Entin as Deputy Assistant Director (a new position), to expand the Association’s strengths and capabilities into the future. Both positions are part time. Entin starts immediately and Sweeney will begin in January 2023.

Sweeney will replace Bill Hose, who is retiring. Hose joined the LSRPA in 2019 after retiring from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) as Assistant Director overseeing the Remediation Review Element. Hose was the LSRPA's first Assistant Executive Director and oversees support for continuing education, communications and regulation.

“The LSRPA, throughout its first decade has continued to expand, bringing more services to its members and improving the reputation of the environmental profession. The entire Association owes Bill its thanks for what he has helped us achieve during his tenure,” said David Morris, President of the LSRPA. “Bill has provided insight and wise counsel in all our interactions and communications with NJDEP, as well as the Association’s strategy and policies. He will be sorely missed.”

“We welcome Dave and Bev to our family of professionals. Their environmental backgrounds and skills will allow LSRPA to continue to grow,” Morris said.

Sweeney, who spent a long career in the environmental fields, retired from NJDEP in 2013, as Assistant Commissioner of the Site Remediation Program. More recently, he has conducted training classes in oil spill response and emergency response to chemical discharges.

Entin serves as Assistant to the Executive Director of the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast, and will serve a similar role with the LSRPA. Early in her career, she was a senior project manager for both Sadat Associates and Icon Engineering, concentrating on environmental clean ups and the reuse of contaminated brownfields.