LSRPA Presents and Exhibits at ANJEC’s 44th Annual Environmental Congress
Friday, October 27, 2017 03:02 PM

LSRPA joined forces with BCONE (the Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast) at ANJEC’s (Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions) Environmental Congress on October 13, 2018.  Our conversations with the Congress attendees, both at our exhibit table and in our afternoon panel, identified a real need for local environment commission members and other attendees to learn how to obtain updated information on sites undergoing remediation and redevelopment in their communities.  In addition, understanding the municipality’s role and rights when it comes to proposals for redevelopment was a big topic.  BOT members John Scagnelli and Bill Call, Steering Committee member Lisa Voyce and Executive Director Sue Boyle spoke to the attendees about the requirements in New Jersey for supplying copies of some documents to local officials, the requirement to post signs at sites identifying a point of contact by name and telephone number, and the creation and distribution of fact sheets for off-site properties impacted by another site. 

LSRPA’s Bill Call provided a written alert with recommended actions on mercury hazards from rubberized flooring; let us know if you’d like a copy.  Since the Congress, we have also assembled a list of 15 forms or reports that have to be filed with the municipal clerk, designated local health department and other local individuals or departments.  It is available upon request to [email protected].   LSRPA and BCONE also offered their services to assist attendees in navigating the NJDEP information and databases.

New LSRPA Program Launched to Assist ANJEC Members

The LSRPA, through its Sounding Board, will launch a trial program to support the ANJEC Resource Center; BCONE’s pro bono support program is assisting with this trial program, too. Now, when ANJEC members have questions about the site remediation process and the sites in their communities, the Resource Center will reach out to the designated contact on the LSRPA Sounding Board.  She will assign the question within the LSRPA process and/or reach out to the BCONE pro bono program contact if redevelopment information is required to supplement remediation information.

This information assistance program fulfills the mission of the LSRPA as an educational and technical resource on site remediation and BCONE’s mission to work with all parties interested in putting contaminated properties back into productive use. The LSRPA and BCONE made it clear to ANJEC members that we are here to help.