Resources To Assist LSRPA Members To Improve Quality and Turnaround Time of Remedial Action Permit Applications (RAPs)
Wednesday, May 25, 2016 01:53 PM

If you missed the two sessions put on by LSRPA, the Chemistry Council of NJ and the Site Remediation Industry Network, then you missed these statistics:

  • 87% of RAPs submitted to NJDEP between 2013-2015 had technical deficiencies, including plume not being delineated, no clean sentinel well, and not addressing vapor or other receptor issues.  That is a crazy high figure.  No wonder NJDEP required 157 permit applications to be withdrawn!
  • Another 37% of RAPS submitted had administrative deficiencies.  Electronic copy of the deed notice weren't supplied in half of the submittals in question.

NJDEP has supplied RAP application checklists for groundwater and for soil, which LSRPA is sharing with all of our members here . Use them!

They will save you time, help you submit higher quality documents, and get a quicker turnaround from the department. 

And, take the course next time it is offered.