Dispute Resolution

As you may be aware, the NJDEP has been reticent in getting involved with disputes between LSRPs working for adversarial parties since the initiation of the LSRP Program.  Such disputes may arise due to landlord/tenant issues, neighboring properties conflicts, commingled plumes, ISRA responsible entity/property owner disputes and so on.

Over the last several years, responsible entities and their counsel have expressed frustration over the inability to utilize NJDEP to resolve these disputes.  In an effort to assist the overall LSRP Program, the LSRPA is offering an opportunity to provide willing members to serve as a technical arbitrator or mediator in these disputes. 

Here’s how it will work:  interested LSRPs are listed below.  Disputing parties may identify and contact LSRPs to serve as an independent technical arbitrator/mediator.  The disputing parties will enter into a contract for services directly with the LSRP; the Association will not be involved with setting up the contact between the parties or the contract for services.

The LSRP Dispute Resolution Services webpage listing is designed to provide a resource for parties to identify LSRPs who can assist in discussions regarding the dispute and potentially resolve disputes.  The provision by the LSRPA of names of LSRPs who are willing to provide these services is not a representation or any form of warranty or guaranty as to the skill sets or qualification of those LSRPs.  Parties engaging in dispute resolution need to make their own determinations as to the qualification of any LSRPA member assisting in that process and make their own arrangements as to the specific process and terms of the dispute resolution. 

First name Last Name Company Name Phone #  Email
Richard J. Katz, MS Pennjersey Environmental Consulting 215-860-1231 [email protected]
Frances Schultz, PG Independent Environmental Consultant 973-890-5893 [email protected]
Michael J. Glose VFS Environmental 732-251-6161 [email protected]
Fred Stratton VFS Environmental 732-251-6161 [email protected]
Paul D. Sakson, LIEC Paul D. Sakson Associates, Inc. 732-784-2822 [email protected]
Rodger Ferguson Pennjersey Environmental Consulting 908-329-6060 [email protected]
Christopher Pittarese Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. 800-220-3068 x4145 [email protected]
Z. John Zingis, Jr. Air, Land & Sea Environmental Services, Inc. (732) 295-3900 [email protected]
William Dougherty Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. 800-220-3068 x4114 [email protected]
Christopher Finley NewFields 732-224-7066 [email protected]
Jon  Lisko PM Environmental 800-313-2966 [email protected]
Wahid Khan, P.E. Roux Environmental Consulting 732-584-6525 [email protected]
B.V. Rao, Ph.D., P.G. EG&R Environmental Services 609-655-2600 [email protected]
Nicholas De Rose Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. 215-491-6510 [email protected]
Jim Peterson Princeton Geoscience, Inc. 609-279-0008 [email protected]
Jeffrey G. Entin SLR International Corp. 908-200-5431 [email protected]
Keith  Gagnon LSRP Consulting LLC 908-419-7918 [email protected]
David  Intintola Cilli Environmental Group, LLC 732-901-9002 [email protected]
Jennifer C. O'Keefe Ensafe 609-223-0882 [email protected]
Joseph  Torlucci Maser Consulting P.A. 973-398-3110 x4521

[email protected]

Geoff Clark GHD 732-225-0308

[email protected]

Eric Schlauch Peak Environmental 732-326-1010 [email protected]
James Carey GHD Services Inc. 610-476-4116 [email protected]
Richard D. Britton, P.G. Whitman  732-390-5858 [email protected]
Edmund Knyfd, Jr., CPG LAN Associates 201-447-6400 [email protected]
Marc Chartier, PG Pennoni 856-656-2885 [email protected]
Neil Jiorle French & Parrello 732-312-9800 [email protected]
Jeffrey Valvik, PG Tetra Tech Inc. 484-515-1330 [email protected]
David  Morris Tectonic 973-467-2054x2701 [email protected]
Joseph P. Novelli, PE, LSRP Environmental Strategies & Applications, Inc. 732-469-8888 [email protected]