The New Jersey Site Remediation Conference (NJSRC) took two years to conceptualize, plan, and develop.  The NJSRC was the result of a tremendous amount of hard work, patience, passion, and energy.  Throughout the process, we kept our fingers crossed that we would provide the type of conference that everyone would enjoy.  We wanted it to be informative, educational, and fun. I can say that without a doubt, for all of those who participated - we delivered!

But, it could not have been accomplished without the involvement and support of so many wonderful groups and individuals.   

First, thank you to our Master Sponsors; Berkeley Environmental and Partner One Environmental for their tremendous support of this event.   

I also thank all of our other sponsors and exhibitors, many of whom are also annual sponsors of the LSRPA, for their support and participation of the 2018 New Jersey Site Remediation Conference.  

Thank you to our esteemed guest speakers: Senator Bob Smith, Mayor Cahill,  Assistant Commissioner Mark Pedersen, DEVCO Director Chris Paladino, and Licensing Board member Phil Brilliant.  These speakers gave their valuable time to our Association and this Conference because they support the Site Remediation Program and what we are doing as LSRPs. Their advocacy has been instrumental in our success as LSRPs, for the Site Remediation Program, and for visionary redevelopment in New Jersey.

Thank you to the LSRPA Board of Trustees and Steering Committee for providing the necessary foundation for the 2018 New Jersey Site Remediation Conference.

Planning an event like this is never easy and it took a focused group committed to its success. Our committee was populated with LSRPs including: David Hoffman, Julian Davies, Rose DeLorenzo, Benjamin Alter, David Morris, Bill Call,  Charlene Drake, Dudley Warner, Ted Toskos,  and Phil Brilliant.  It was Phil Brilliant who planted the seed of thought that would germinate into this Conference. 

To this group, we added three sponsors for their experience working with LSRPs and to provide the viewpoint of sponsors and exhibitors. Thank you to Joe Postorino, Jeremy Young, and Jaan Haus.

The Committee needed professionals who understood how to develop and plan an event of this magnitude. The LSRPA engaged the services of Marianne Leone, a Professional Event Planner, to guide the process and execution at the Conference.  She kept us focused on the goal of providing a fantastic event for all who participated.  

The Committee also included LSRPA staff: Tiesha Green, the LSRPA's Event Planner, who, among other duties, coordinated and worked with volunteers on the day of the Conference, Linda Watson, the LSRPA’s Sponsorship Manager, who brought in new Annual Sponsors and Conference Exhibitors and provided valuable coordination during the Conference, and Abbie Katz, who assisted in the management of the registration desk.

Special thanks to Tina Layre, Lisa Voyce and Susan Goetz for their time to assist us during the Conference, and to some future LSRPs who gave their time to make this Conference a success.    

We are grateful to Sue Boyle, the Executive Director of the LSRPA, for her guidance and direction.

A core principle of this Conference was to enhance our professional fundamentals to protect human health and the environment, by providing technical and regulatory courses as well as an ethics course.  We should all take pride that our technical and regulatory knowledge, experience, and professional judgment has been instrumental in issuing 11,000 Response Action Outcomes in the last 9 years. And so, a very special thanks to all the attendees, instructors, and moderators.  Whether your involvement was to take a course, teach a course, or moderate a course, it was the key to this Conference being a success. 

I am proud of what our Committee accomplished with the 2018 New Jersey Site Remediation Conference.  I have been honored to work with such a passionate, focused and energetic group of people.

Sincere thanks to all,

Rohan Tadas, CHMM, LSRP

Secretary - 2018 New Jersey Site Remediation Conference Committee


The NJSRC Committee:

David Hoffman, Rohan Tadas, Julian Davies, Rose DeLorenzo, Benjamin Alter, David Morris, Bill Call, Charlene Drake, Dudley Warner, Ted Toskos, Phil Brilliant, Joe Postorino, Jaan Haus, Jeremy Young, Marianne Leone, Tiesha Green, Linda Watson, Sue Boyle