Changes on the LSRPA Board of Trustees
Monday, September 15, 2014 05:52 PM

With regret, the Board of the LSRPA accepted the resignation of Julian Davies of Sovereign Consulting, Inc. from his seat on the Board. Julian was a founding member of the Association and his  energetic commitment to the Association has been extraordinary.

With pleasure, the Board of the LSRPA is appointing Kathi Stetser of GEI Consultants, Inc.  to fill the remainder of Julian’s term of office.  Kathi has been an active member of the Association’s Steering Committee; has  energetically served as Co-Chair of one of the  Association’s  most active committees, the Regulatory Outreach Committee,  since its inception; and is a regular representative of the Association at  the Licensing Board meetings. Join us in welcoming Kathi to the Board of Trustees.